Dragon Masters

Exploratory design for Dragon Masters series of books by Tracey West and published by Scholastic publishing.


Oh, to have your own pet dragon to fly you around anywhere you want to go. You could go to the park, your best friend’s house, the beach, or even to a place you always dreamed of going.⁠

My Private Scream Journal

Karen had the privilege of creating a self-guided journal for tweens. The teen years can be so hard, and sometimes, you just need to scream. 

Oh and there are cats, lots of cats.

My Private Scream Journal

My Self-guided Journal of Exercises, Writing Prompts, and Coloring Pages is finally finished.

Do you like cats? You will love this cat guided journal.

Join me and the cats on a journey through a guided journal “My Private Scream Journal.” The journal is an interactive self-guided journal of exercises, writing prompts, and coloring pages. I have also included pages for drawing and coloring.

Scream out your frustration, clean out your brain, reflect and grow.

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