These are a few of the logos Karen has created over the years.

Cinco De Mayo logo for a street festival in Dallas, TX.

Beachfront Rentals in Oceanside, CA

Sand World International logo was for a sand castle building competition in San Diego, CA

DreamSmart Academy was a series of goal setting workshops at the YMCA. It also included online learning and workshops.

Christian Art Lessons is a website created to help Homeschooling Parents, Art Teachers, and PTA parents who need some help with art lesson plans. Art can enrich a classroom or a homeschooling program. My art lessons come with a materials list, learning objectives, examples, Bible verses and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions. I have taught art classes in public schools, private schools, art galleries and in my private studio.

M is a logo for an app called MoneTude. Created my DreamSmart Academy

Links to Coast Realty Group is a multi-million dollar realty group owned by Brent Ringoot in San Diego County.

Captain Horace Barge logo for a business card. 

Ruffy Controls, Inc logo for a joystick company in Carlsbad, CA

T-shirt design for a surf shop in Encinitas, CA

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